You can download one of the versions of the software M - voc in exe format.

The file contains the application in a stable version. It is a software that can be used after installation.

The different versions to download are compatible with Windows only.

After download, the software is directly installable.

Right click on the M-voc_setup.exe file and select "Run as Administrator"

The use of M - voc requires Java SE Runtime Environment 8u91 has been installed on your computer:




  • Create several folders
  • Selection of several folders for the random mode
  • Fusion folders
  • Deleting folders
  • Adding unlimited vocabulary
  • Change of vocabulary
  • Removal of the vocabulary
  • The vocabulary list
  • Print list of vocabulary
  • Write the vocabulary test
  • Test multiple choice of vocabulary
  • Choice of the language of the interface
  • Evaluation of the software a week period

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Interesting Tools for improving vocabulary. Very excited to use it!
2017-01-08 19:11:25