Hello and welcome to this website of the software M- voc,

Have you ever seen people performance that can save impressive amounts of information, or else you admire those people who speak several languages fluently. You too can perfectly speak several languages.

What counts, to learn a language effectively, it is you, your brain and your ability to use your memory.

In fact, one of the points that often seems to be the most difficult to learn a language is learning the vocabulary.

What do you do when you learn vocabulary ?

Maybe you downloaded the guide to the 100 most common words. It's a good thing because this list allows you to have on hand all these words.

Only a moment to know free lists. Once past the milestone of 500 most common words, learn more about list. Otherwise you could learn lots of unnecessary words for you.

Instead, learn more vocabulary on which you fall in your readings.

It’s has 2 benefits:

The M - voc software allows you to expand your vocabulary and you train with a selection of words or expressions made by yourself.
Once the list is created and that of the words or phrases are added, the software displays these words at random for the brain to see again them on a regular basis.

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Interesting Tools for improving vocabulary. Very excited to use it!
2017-01-08 19:11:25